Personal Narratives of Disability

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Buddy Bike The Buddy Bike

We should instead always strive to support one another in using whatever tactics we need to survive. All of our other colleagues were white, so of course, we were the only two targeted for constant micromanaging and condescension. My ability to mask or pass has minimal effect.

While models are readily available, they can be very expensive. It troubles me to see stimming that has an agenda and is divorced from authentic Autistic emotion, from authentic Autistic body language, from an authentic Autistic experience.

The process helps people develop new skills that require attention to more than one activity at a time. Anger is a necessary rhetorical and strategic tool. Examples of early tics are things like blinking and throat clearing, while arm flapping is a more common stereotypy. Whether I decided to publicly or demonstratively stim or not, did not change this.

Buddy Bike The Buddy Bike is a bicycle for two, also known as a tandem bike. What it is about is ridding autism, or disability in general, of the notion of inherent lack, brokenness, or defect. Many autistic activists in the neurodiversity movement have said this, in hundreds of different ways, for decades. It is going to be a long and hard road. We have speeches to make, written from the soaring pleas of our individual and collective trauma, and our wildest dreams of joy and freedom and love.

What it is about is ridding

Brown has also called for an end to this anger. Choose a dimly lit room with no posters or artwork on the walls. Small white text says Autistic Hoya. Whether I decided to disclose and declare proudly that I am autistic and proud, or neglect to mention it, did not change this. Sit on the floor together to work, and speak in a quiet voice.

Few, if any of us, would contest that. Mention of sexual violence. They are colloquially called stable vices. Work on reading in a quiet, sensory-neutral space.

Integrating neurodiversity with disability justice does not require a pure social model, and never did. Her choice to wear hijab despite not believing it is mandatory or morally preferable, is a political one.