Daters, start your engines

Dating for car enthusiasts

Sangeeth Segaram lives his life in the fast lane. Supercar Dating puts high-performance car owners and car enthusiasts on the fast track to real-life relationships. Spotted On The Road marilyncombs I would like to meet someone who has similar interests, but who can introduce different activities into my life.

Supercar Dating fosters a worldwide network of millionaires with membership open to all countries. The club is more about meeting like-minded people. Sometimes a post recommends fine-dining restaurants or high-caliber events ideal for supercar daters. In a nutshell or in this case, the idea is to pick your date based o the vehicle they drive.

The internet is full

These single women told him they encountered men pretending to be wealthier or more successful than they really were. Often the posts are in-depth and descriptive forays into topics relevant to luxury dating.

You will be able to see the vehicle your prospective date drives and the photo gallery as well. For us auto enthusiasts, we dream about cars. What you drive speaks to your lifestyle, your ambition, and your need for speed. These events are excellent ways to meet people who own, drive, or love supercars.

We are defined by a passion

The internet is full of eye-wateringly hilarious automotive memes, fails, wins and car comedy. We are defined by a passion that infiltratres our lives on a much deeper level. Basic membership is free and includes invitations to Supercar Dating events, a monthly newsletter, and custom search tools. Many of his female colleagues and business associates complained about how tough it was for them in the dating scene.

Motivation to live the dream We all need something to keep us going in life. It will be comforting to know, when you see a Tesla or Toyota Prius pull up to pick you up for your first date that you have something in common right off the bat. Daters, start your engines. There's always a place we can call home True communities need their own platforms.

He found traditional dating avenues rife with inefficiencies. Profiles include a short bio listing age, occupation, location, interests, and what supercars the person owns if any.