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Date of manufacture Remington 870 Wingmaster SN V105399V

Mine is being finicky with extended mag tubes. You can look up the codes on the manufactured date link off the Remington Society of America site. General Firearm Discussion. How do you find the date of manufacture on a Remington T?

Northwest Firearms Events. Is there a key for deciphering the serial number to figure this out? Someone at the Remington Society of America can probably help. Check the date code stamped on the barrel. Remington Society of America, there is a link for manufacture dates link which will explain the date codes.

Dating my Remington Wingmaster

Very few scratches and almost no rust. Find More Posts by stepmac. Double Y's stamped in the barrel. The first letter of the Code is the month of manufacture, followed by one or two letters which are the year of manufacture. See Remington Society of America, manufactured date page.

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The Remington Date Codes are always stamped into the barrel's lower side, near the rear - just ahead of the receiver. Check the date code on the barrel, see related links for information on the Remington Society of America. The Wingmaster is one of my favorite shotguns. What is the age of remington wingmaster serial v?

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  • What is the date of manufacture of a model Remington ser E?
  • The Remington factory could probably date it by serial number.
  • Serial numbers are forever.
  • What is the date of manufacture of Remington serial?
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  2. No way to answer without the serial number.
  3. They told me two of mine did not exist.
  4. What is year of manufacture of a Remington Model caliber serial no B?
  5. Give them the Serial Number and they'll give you the born on date.

Nice skeet gun or grouse gun. What is the barrel code and the serial letter prefix? However, if you can identify several features that line up with one of your date possibilities, normal matchmaking you should be able to identify the correct one fairly confidently. Check the date stamp on the barrel. Check the serial number with Remington.

870 Wingmaster dating by serial number

But I don't care much for the newer ones with plastic parts. Northwest Firearms Announcements. Thinking of getting a leather ammo carrier for the stock from Badger Claw Leatherworks. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts.

Forums New posts Search forums. Work down the phone tree until you reach a real person. Remington Society of America, Manufactured Date link has the details.

Date of manufacture Remington Wingmaster SN VV

Dating a Wingmaster - The Firing Line Forums

Check the date code on the left side of the barrel. Looks like a gun from what I can tell off of the S. Follower is blued too, extramarital dating site france seems to me that they are usually in the shinny white.

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Dating a Wingmaster I would be most appreciative for the help in trying to date my Remington Wingmaster. The barrel date code is the primary method of dating a Remington. What is the date of manufacture of a model Remington ser S?

Of course, if the barrel is not the original barrel for the gun that complicates things. Check the date code stamp on the left side of the barrel you can get the details and look it up on the Remington Society of America under the manufactured date link. Remington wingmaster serial number V what year made?

Dating remington 870 wingmaster

See related links for date code stamp information on the Remington Society of America. They say it's like it runs on ball bearings and I think that's accurate. Are you going to put an extended mag on it? The chocolate keeps melting and the stems of the flowers keep breaking.

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CountryGent Ebullient Moderator. It's date stamped see related links for info. Mine is for home d at the moment but have the walnut stocks and vented rib barrel for hunting. Remington Society of America, Manufacture date link has all the details. When was the Remington model manufactured?

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See related links for information on the Remington Society of America. Ifyou don't have the original barrel good luck. The gun will be date code stamped, check related links to the Remington Society of America for information.


What is the date of manufacture for Remington V? Wow, that's in beautiful shape! The table look and details are on the manufactured date link of the Remington Society of America. That could cost someone a fair chunk of change. It's date stamped, check the manufacture date page on the Remington Society of America for details.

Looks like it may have had a gold wash in the lettering. New New posts New review items New media Latest activity. United we stand divided we fall. How do I find out the date of manufacture for my Express using the serial number?

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