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Dating smith and wesson model 36

This one left the factory in and was sent with ten others to a firm in Buenos Aires. Serial number was shipped to J.

Criminal Investigation Division

Obvious troll account will be shown the door. Other distinguishing features of the Victory Model revolver are the lanyard loop at the bottom of the grip frame, and the use of smooth rather than checkered walnut grip panels. The model has also been offered throughout the years with both the round butt and square butt, i.

Be sure of your target and what is beyond it. Criminal Investigation Division agents were issued. The aluminum cylinders proved to be problematic and were abandoned in favor of a steel cylinder. Never let the muzzle cover anything you are not willing to destroy.

No direct links to products for sale No surveys, polls, GoogleDocs etc without pre-approval. Edgar Hoover and is engraved with his name. Would appreciate input from those in the know. The trigger return spring is a flat leaf rather than the coil spring-powered slide used in variations dating from onwards.

All posts must be gun related. Some references are saying the butt of the handle and some say inside the hinge.

With this order, the Hand Ejector Model became known as the. The serial numbers that I found on the internet do not make sense with the numbers that I am finding. The gold color was actually titanium nitride. However some early models did use a checkered grip, most notably the pre manufacture.

All posts must have a descriptive title. The barrel release is not the older flat from what I can tell but curved. Gunnit Match rules, awards, and historical data.

They have since then been withdrawn from active carry, but they are still all being kept in the General Police Headquarters in Floriana. The ejector rod is free-standing, without the under-barrel latch of later models The lockwork of the first model differed substantially from subsequent versions. Army helicopter crew members and female military police officers were equipped with. It features a nickel-plated or blued finish and either wood or rubber grips.

Be sure of your target