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The show was filmed in a sequestered location in the winter. He got his final few chips in with ace-nine against ace-eight, but failed to survive.

It's tough, it's very tough. With the less time spent grinding, he viewed himself as fresher than he's ever been coming into poker's biggest tournament, one he amazingly hasn't cashed since his auspicious debut. But as of now, cooking will simply remain a hobby.

His initial foray into Magic's Pro Tour came in the late s. That type of hunger, competitiveness, and obsession has always been present in David Williams, serving him well on his way to a successful poker career.

Sharelines David Williams says despite MasterChef success, he's sticking with the life of a poker pro. Williams, who named French cuisine as his specialty, made the cut and is still in the hunt with the seventh episode of the season having just aired. Williams admitted that the cards were marked but disputed the determination that he cheated by marking them intentionally. It takes a lot of hard work and long hours.

Even though there is more money that can be made in professional poker than in professional Magic, Williams has said he will continue to play both games, although poker will take precedence. If I try something, I just practice and put everything I can in to learn as much as I can about it. But, having seen for himself what it takes, it's not something for which Williams is eager to walk away from his current work any time soon.

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The judges were able to consistently cut his deck to a copy of Accumulated Knowledge. If so, make sure to get PokerNews updates on your social media outlets. He had six total challenge wins during the season.

He made a successful comeback after his suspension was finished, and won money at several more Magic events, though his focus was mainly on poker. He said he wouldn't be opposed to owning a restaurant some day and even having a position as an executive or creative chef who planned dishes and set up menus.

Enough skills, no doubt, to be able to step into a restaurant kitchen and do the job as a profession. Poker's my first love and it's what I'll always want to do. The Gathering tournaments for one year.