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Scandinavian shyness is at an all-time high for Swedish girls. On the plus side, Norwegian girls are the most likely to actually date and have a relationship with you. This may not be your typical family, but Danes are very accepting of such unorthodox family models.

When you talk, he looks at your feet instead of his own. Out of all Scandinavian girls, Icelandic ones are the least shy, but also the most likely to friendzone you.

Hygge is the Danish word for wellbeing. Many of the Scandinavian mountains have an alpine tundra climate.

Swedish Girls Swedish girls are the epitome of a Scandinavian girl. Swedes are rich and self-righteous. As for looks, Finnish women are on the chubby side but they do eat well and exercise regularly.

Icelandic women are not too many. There are seriously people who bike in temperatures below zero. They are very close, coming together to celebrate important holidays, and always keeping in touch. People settle down later than ever and tend to always focus on career first.

Scandinavian girls are tired of their cold, shy guys. For normal folk like you and me, Finland is only fun in summer.

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