Not good for the friendship

Does dating ruin friendships

The party guy Maybe because she wants to relive her youth or is super-stressed at work, your friend starts dating a guy who parties hard every night. Everybody sees it but her. It seemed impossible to get her alone without him, so you gave them both up.

Now they know you don't have food poisoning. And speaking of Facebook official, if you experience a breakup or go through some other horrific life crisis, everybody knows.

The majority of interactions are through text, so now calling someone is weird. The rich boyfriend So your friend lands herself a filthy rich guy. If your desire to give people vacation envy via social media overshadows your desire to have some actual time off and be unplugged, rethink your priorities.

And always asked if she could bring her guy around, or would even bring him along without asking if that was okay. Inevitably, his wealth dictates what they do. Come up with a compromise, and decide on what to do. It's hard to have a friendship with someone when they like you, or the other way around.

Put your damn

You can't enjoy a nice dinner out until someone takes a photo of their meal. It's highly likely because it happens. Now you are refreshing Instagram to see how many likes your polenta got. So hanging out with them either means spending way more money than you can afford, or feeling insecure as the guy pays for everything. Hang out and do things that normal boyfriends and girlfriends would do.

If you guys do end up breaking up, try to make the break up as clean as possible. But he has rough nights every night. But if you two are in a strong enough friendship, and value that enough to fix it after you two break up, then I think you guys will be fine. You can easily get thrown under the bus at work.

The moment one friend gets

The depressed boyfriend Women love to fix men. And if your boo doesn't want to make things Facebook official, you are probably constantly questioning why they are holding out. The guy who changes your friend Some men are just looking for a woman they can mold into their perfect wifey. The constant pity party Some women, the moment they get into a relationship, are relationship experts.

Put your damn phone down and look people in the eye. The moment one friend gets into a relationship, suddenly she and her guy have all of these couple friends.

This is different for everyone. But she is so attached to him now, or so terrified of being alone, that she refuses to see the truth and she does not appreciate you trying to show it to her. Also, the percentage of phones dropped into toilets has risen dramatically over the years.