Bulma's look has changed again

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Because a clean version no longer exists, Funimation did not use it as it still uses the second version of the ending. Master Roshi says he won't be participating this year. You can withdraw your consent at any time. Learn more about the terms of use for cookies and the extent of their processing.

This is the first episode to use music from Mystical Adventure.

Trivia Throughout the episode, both Goku and the narrator refer to Piccolo Jr. Outside, lightning strikes the town clock tower. Also, Goku and Tien notice Piccolo show up, and his arrival is much to the distress of Tien. Bulma's look has changed again. Bulma shows renewed interest in Yamcha.

Master Roshi says heBecause a clean version

Saga and the one hundred thirty-third episode in the Dragon Ball series. After some times to recognize, the two best friends embrace and Krillin finally gets to thank Goku for bringing him back to life. Both Yamcha and Tien are surprised and excited for their face off against Goku.