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The professor got curious seeing the manufacturing label that gave a Jigani address in Bengaluru. Through the report, customers can compare parameters for drinking water in their home with the national standards. However, finding out if the drinking water in your home is fit for consumption, is now just a phone call away.

It takes about five days to a week and the report is usually mailed to your home by the labs. This is a shocker for the city where piped water supply from Cauvery doesn't reach all homes.

The situation is no different today. Contact now by calling us on our contact number or you can also post your query on filling and submitting the contact form and we will reply with a free proposal. The bureau itself revealed that till last year only odd companies had obtained certificates from it.

You can imagine if these liters have even a small amount of toxins like pesticides or heavy metals or toxic anions they can accumulate in the body causing various diseases and disorders. The Karnataka Environment Research Foundation has found pollution levels of drinking water in Bangalore to be high.

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But there are no laws to govern this and this has spawned a Rs crore thriving bottled water industry in the state. More checks are needed, he said. General Analytical Labs in Malleswaram also gives suggestions on how to tackle water pollution, along with the report. The industrial units release large amount of gases and heavy elements such as sodium bicarbonate, iron, zinc, carbon dioxide, sulphate, chloride, fluoride could prove to be fatal for human health. It can harm the liver and cause diarrhoeal infection and gastroenteritis while prolonged use can lead to imbalance in functioning of enzymes.

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Most labs recommend testing in the summer and during the monsoons when contamination is high. The cost of such a drinking water testing program is easily and quickly recovered from savings on health care costs and increased productivity in organizations. Water is the second most important element after air for the survival. For a fee, you can have a sample of the drinking water in your house collected at your doorstep, scientifically analysed at a lab and the report sent back to you within a few days. The ill-effects of drinking such untreated, contaminated packaged water are many.