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Just thought I'd throw that out there, hehe. When and if we hold auditions again, there will be a formal post about it. There is your hive with customisable furniture, alien crops and cages for live bugs. This is still a few weeks off, but just keep that in mind.

Thank those of you, before hand, who send in ideas. But thank you for this suggestion! As I mentioned before, I need to take a step back and only work on two things, that being the script and writing it, and managing the cast and crew. Pursue the dream of your aspect.

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That would be much appreciated and I will honestly love you forever. We will initially use the Demo to test out voices, so if you are or know of a Dave, Dirk, John, or Mr. No, I will not release the script. It is never too late too suggest a solution!

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Homestuck Dating Sim

Sometime in the near future, I will probably be making a discord server for Homestuck, partly for this game, mostly for the community and so you guys can get my ass in gear. Basically, catholic bible studies for dating couples prayer everyone ought to exercise healthy precautions! This Beta-testing period is set to last up to a week. But only for the cast members that we will need.

This is also a possible fix for people with this problem. If you could, let me know how you guys feel about this idea of opening up a discord channel. The same time that the game is released, we will be issuing a call to Voice Actors!

So, that being said, we are in desperate need of a programmer.

Such as, taking on much to much work by myself. There is some fighting with beasts, you have to keep yourself and your lusus alive, but you can also pursue filling your quadrants! You start on a biome of your blood color choice as a neighbor of the troll of coresponding caste. So here is what is going to change. There are several asks in my ask box about auditions.

Follow low-res pixelated cutscenes. Currently we are not holding them for obvious reasons and some that I have to explain. You guys are our inspiration for this project.

If I got more crazed trashcans to join me, I would work hard to fulfill this disgusting mirage of mine. Right now, since the script is getting an overhaul and I had a cast, I need time to get everything sorted again. Yes, this project is still a thing.

Demo is well received, the final game will also be fully voiced. The script is getting an overhaul. No one idea is going to win and no idea is a bad one, so seriously, flood the askbox with them. Project is getting rebooted. Script is getting an overhaul.