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Hook up spots in central park, rendezvous in the Ramble

Some nights it will be crowded wall to wall with men until four in the morning. Filled with winding paths, streams and ponds, rustic structures and a dense forest canopy, an amble through the Ramble feels like escaping to the Adirondacks.

If straight guys could go into women's bathrooms and get some they'd be doing the same thing we're doing. The afternoon after I talked to Paul, I met Jerry, an attractive man of medium build in his mid-thirties, sitting on top of a large outcropping of rock in the middle of the Ramble. Others find a niche in the bushes.

As the light fades, the after-work crowd vanishes. Strolling under the leafy canopy of The Mall. There's nothing wrong with it. Some night people prefer a particular quiet corner, for one-on-one encounters. Body language is the only language needed for success here.

Rendezvous in the Ramble

The nighttime sex scene in the Ramble is conducted in silence, lest the voice dissipate the mutual fantasy evoked by the look, the pose, the costume, the attitude. The walls and pillars of the terrace are adorned with intricate sculptures by Jacob Wrey Mould which depict the seasons and the times of day. With the midtown skyline forming a dramatic backdrop, this great meadow is one of the most astounding vistas in the city. The Ramble is a beautiful setting for such horrors.

It was the only place I had heard of where I could find someone who was like me. This thread alone has several of them. There's no sense in being divisive cause you've nothing else to do. Unfortunately, the small space is often swamped with tour groups, making it far less peaceful than intended.

He had a partner and could have had any rentboy of his choosing. Is it the anonymity of it?

It is also a favorite spot for birding, particularly during migration seasons. It's also quick and you don't have to bring anybody home either. For the first time I didn't feel like a freak.

The Ramble, a tranquil forest in the heart of the park. If you think having sex in some stinky gross restroom is something to be happy about all I can say is, it must suck to be you. The daytime socializing is casual, friendly, chat-filled. Around these sheltering trees, around the asphalt walkways that wind through the Ramble, are man-tall thickets of bushes. Everyone of us is working it out as are those of you who have an oddly extreme need to scold people you've never met.

Central Park New York, cruising area

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We spent the first part of our lives coming building our self worth internally since untill recently we did not exist in any popular external representation. Tickets are required to enter. He had a long time lover and could have discreetly gone to an escort. Its centerpiece is the Imagine Mosaic, which is often decorated with flowers by devoted Lennon fans.

These are just some of the southern highlights of the Central Park. Jeff Dobbins Have you explored Central Park? The Tunnel is the most active group-sex scene in that area of the park. Much later, usually around midnight on a weekday, dating websites rich the Ramble's nighttime regulars begin to trickle into the park.

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His T-shirt hanging out of his back pocket and his tanned runner's legs dangling his Adidas over the edge of the rock, Jerry tells of the first time he heard about the Ramble. The acre green space two and a half miles in length and a half mile in width includes meadows, forests, lakes, monuments and spectacular architecture. Keep your judgy out of situations that don't appeal to you or those that, more accurately, you've been too timid to explore. The Mall is a preferred spot for street performers and vendors and there are often roller skaters and skateboarders whizzing through the plaza near the band shell.

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