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Entire village had gathered to pay their last respects, even Jala Bapa had come and requested to be shown the face of the deceased. Inspite of all treatment his temperature did not come down.

His father was doing a business at Virpur near Rajkot in Gujarat. He requested the work of distribution of the cloth to be carried out by Jala Bapa. The uncle was amazed, and instead of taking Jalaram to task, complimented him profusely.

Jay Jalaram Bapa na Paracha May

Out of the actual four duties, there is no religious duty like that of discharging day to day work in the most sincere way. However, this should be all done without malice.

Jay Jalaram Bapa na Paracha. The temple has original danda and Jholi in present time too. He took back the Arabs with him saying that Thakore has sanctioned an increment of seven rupees in their wages.

The head of the family was Nanji Ladani. People from various places flock to this holy shrine.

All this has been explained in the holy script of our ancient Ved Purana. She waited but saint did not return. The doctors gave up hope his recovery.

Both Jalaram and his wife continued serving like this for many years. Gujarat is counted among the well-developed states in India.

Though food is provided free, there are some small hotels that can provide varieties of food on nominal payment. His mother's name was Rajbai and father's name was Pradhan Thakkar. Sri Jalaram Bapa is a greatly revered saint.

Soon his fame spread and people came to him to get rid of diseases and problems. Near Amreli, there is a town called Fatehpur, a place where Bapa's Guru viz. Alleppey Boat House Timings. Instead, she heard and Akashwani stating that it was only to the test the hospitality of the couple. Go back to your husband, install my Danda and Jholi in your Ashram, and worship them.

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Jalaram Bapa installed Rama as his family deity and after a few days, an idol of Hanuman appeared out of earth, on its own. Suddenly there was a whrilwind and the tree was uprooted.

At his sixteenth year, photoshop file viewer Jalaram was married. That original stick and bag still are in the Jalaram Temple. Jalaram Bapa was however not inclined to live household life and to continue to do business with his father. Four aartis are conducted every day as per the scheduled time.

Jalaram Temple in Virpur near Rajkot

Go on serving your husband and people. Saint Jalaram was not a god but was a human being, just like you and me. The host, Jamshree, had desired to give cloth to all those who attended the ceremony. He used to delight himself allaying the hunger of people. Jalaram was then onwards addressed as Bapa - Father of all.

They came to him for guidance in difficulties, for blessings in real distress and discomfort. He also visited Fatehpur and took Diksha from one saint named Bhojalram. He had decided to go his way. Have you seen such a holy and noble place where food is served to all the people with love and affection without any charges for last years?

There is no greater meritorious act than feeding the poor and hungry. There are various trains available from all over Gujarat and out of India too. He said he wanted a complete check to be made in the shop of all the things and materials.

The Arabs were amazed and understood that they were in the presence of divine person. The most praised relationship is that of a Teacher and a student. He was on his way to the holy Girnar. Virbai performed her duties whole heartedly in serving her husband viz, Jala Bapa. Such saints are really rare on this earth.

People started to know and recognize about the work of Jalaram and they started giving donations to him for his noble cause of feeding hungry people. Jalaram was not in favour of marraige, but his duties towards his parents forced him to accept this arranged marraige.

Jalaram took this advice and started giving food to the poor, sick and needy people. Your email address will not be published. His guru gave him one advice to feed hungry people all the time. In our lifetime, should we hand over ourselves to the Almighty, he in turn, never let's us down. The Arabs opened the bag and found that the birds were alive.

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Nobody ever returned from that place without being fed. You can walk to Jalaram Bapa Mandir from Rajkot anytime during the winter since the weather is better and the sun is not so hot.

It happened that the qunatity of cloth fell short for distribution. The nearest railway station is Rajkot. His mother, Rajbai was very fond of serving sadhus and saints.

You can easily get a private transportation, Buses and Luxury coaches from major towns from anywhere in Gujarat State. The kitchen is run there at all times of the day. This temple also offers annapradam Charity or free food to the needy and the poor people. He was fully aware that such devotion would mean complete withdrawal from marital life, a life free from family ties and circles. They opened the bag and the birds flew away to the tree nearby.