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Powerups Powerups are various types of weapons that can be used while racing. If the problem persists you might need compatibility mode on. In addition to racing cars in the Racers product line, each theme is based on an actual series Lego sets, and includes parts of those sets. Some track obstacles can be downright frustrating such as flying saucers that zap you backward. The single player cup experience is great with a nice difficulty curve.

LEGO Racers

Persons in last place will receive the best powerups. Mail will not be published required. In Xalax, the player will face Rocket Racer, who when beaten, will hand over the title as the greatest racer in the galaxy.


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There are five large worlds, starting with the hometown, Sandy Bay. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The handling is twitchy and imprecise, so it's annoyingly difficult to adjust your line to grab the right power-up, and the results of the three-lap races are usually determined at the start. So would I buy it for my own enjoyment? Definitly worth revisiting.

In fact, you'll spend most races tracking down just turbos and ignoring other weapons. You can also supercharge each weapon by picking up white Lego pieces. You could do a lot worse than pick up Lego Racers. It is the sequel of the game, Lego Racers.

The power-ups are fun, but the speed-boosts are way too powerful for the others to matter most of the time. Made by High Voltage Software, Inc. There are fewer options for character customization than for vehicle construction, but both provide you with a more than adequate range of flexibility. Unfortunately the actual game play isn't quite up to the standard the concept deserves.

Fed up with Diddy Kong Racing? The tracks are short, unimaginative and devoid of good shortcuts. Distinctive weather conditions now affect racing environments, including rain, snow, lightning and thunder.

Lego Racers 2 Overview

For those still having problems, exit steam or any other game launcher that has an overlay. Please, how in the world do I play this game on my MacBook? If you defeat them you'll be able to cannibalise their cars for choice bits, enabling you to remodel your current vehicle or just build a new one from scratch. Worlds There are five large worlds, starting with the hometown, Sandy Bay. This is a driving game in the familiar Mario Kart style which also gives you the ability to race your own customised cars.

Power-ups can't be stockpiled so you have to unload constantly. Browse games Game Portals.

Download LEGO Racers (Windows) - My Abandonware

If the manual is missing and you own the original manual, please contact us! The game is relatively easy, but beating the final boss is still very statisfying. Each world is based on a particular theme. Screenshots from MobyGames.

LEGO Racers

Make sure you read the above link before downloading! Each mini game is accessible by driving through a vortex while exploring the Lego worlds.

Nobody on the internet has been able to figure this out as far as I know. Where the game really shines are the time trials, which can offer a real challenge on some tracks! Holy crap, I've never experienced that adrenaline rush of nostalgia before. What might be the problem?

List of new games here Follow us on Facebook or Twitter. Powerups are various types of weapons that can be used while racing. You can make them as outlandish as you like, using a good selection of basic parts, and you can enter them in a series of seven different trophies, each defended by a Lego boss character. The game only supports two players, and all you and a pal can do is race each other on tracks you've opened. There are two mini games per world, one on an easy level and one on a difficult level.

The only redeemable thing about the game is the Create-a-racer option. Those can have compatibility problems with older games.

Download LEGO Racers (Windows) - My Abandonware

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Otherwise, the counter will automatically give playeres a bonus based on their position in the race. It has more bricks but fewer characters to make and edit.

Players obtain a powerup by driving over a white, spinning, glowing Lego brick. In the end, Lego Racers looks and plays like a cheap Mario Kart clone, only much less entertaining. It's Mario Kart with Legos! But if you can put up with these shortcomings, Lego Racers is actually pretty good, windows image maker and the create-a-car feature makes it a unique racer.

If your graphics card program has an overlay, disable that as well. The Lego theme extends to the weapons you pick up on the tracks, which can be powered up by collecting extra white blocks. The game itself is one of the best, only held back by the lack of proper multiplayer a cart-racer with only two players?

Each of the tracks will feature a theme from actual Lego sets you can buy off the shelves, and players are encouraged to customize their racers for maximum oddity. Just one click to download at full speed! If you miss time your turbo, it's often impossible to catch the leader - you can race like Schumacher, but you'll finish third or fourth, with the race winner almost a full lap ahead. Play Now Download the full version.