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How can the police say that listening to music in a club and having a drink lead to crime. It instructs all the restaurants playing music to seek licenses from the police. In a similar incident, last month, Delhi government warned restro-bars playing recorded songs or music in their premises. It is bad news for Bangaloreans as moral policing has hit down hard once again. The crackdown comes as the owners did not apply for a license.

After a ban on dancing, authorities have now banned live music performances in pubs, restaurants and lounge bars. Watch Bangaloreans protest as police ban live performances of bands in pubs in the city. However, huober brezel online dating these pubs are free to operate without live music.

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The department had warned owners of the restro-bars of taking strict action for the violation as per law. He is slowly getting used to playing in empty clubs.

The order was introduced to regulate places of public entertainment with music. With a protest on the cards, looks like it could soon turn into a rebellion if authorities do not solve the issue soon. With inputs from Nagarjun.

This has nothing to do with the live band. This was done after Supreme Court's order, which upheld the Karnataka High Court's order for restaurants and pubs to obtain licenses if they are playing live music. The concession, if any, being the permission to play background music at low volume provided it's not used to organise a discotheque.

Honestly, I want to go out of this city if this continues.

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The attitude of the police should be questioned here. Even today being Saturday my club is completely empty. But the one question on everyone's lips - what next? In view of the ban, a protest is being held in the city against the ban which has also resulted in a loss for restaurants and pubs.

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