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Mace windu vs palpatine latino dating, showdown on Coruscant

His entire strike force dead, Windu was left to contend with might of the Dark Lord alone. In a moment of distraction, Agen Kolar was impaled by Palpatine through the abdomen.

After making his case to the Senate that they needed to take action, Sidious delivered a speech that declared that the Republic was no more, and in its place was a new Galactic Empire. Sidious was thrown off balance, staggering back and dropping his weapon as he flailed for balance before retreating against the window frame. Sidious named his new apprentice Darth Vader and tasked him with the sterilization of the Jedi Temple. The Temple was set ablaze and reduced to ruins while all of Galactic City watched. He called out to Skywalker for help while Windu pleaded with him not to trust the Sith Lord.

For, having just experienced first hand the true, terrifying depth of Sidious's power, Windu now saw him as too great a threat to the Republic to be kept alive. Furthermore, though Sidious had admitted to not knowing how to cheat death, he believed that joining the Dark Lord was still his best chance to save Amidala. Using Sidious's own power against him, Windu proved able to match the Dark Lord blow for blow, but realized that even his mastery of Vaapad would result only in an indefinite stalemate. Calling once again on his Vaapad mastery, Windu just barely managed to catch the lightning on his lightsaber and began deflecting it back at Sidious. Darth Sidious appeared to be defeated and at Master Windu's mercy, who held his blade to the Sith Lord's throat.

After torturing him for a few moments, Sidious used the Force to push Windu out of the broken window, whereupon he met his death on impact with the streets below. As they moved out onto the wind-blown ledge, Sidious re-allocated some of his energy from the Force-powered speed he was assailing Windu with to a Force-powered grip on the permacrete.

However, Sidious revealed that the fear Windu was sensing was not his own revealing that Windu was actually sensing Skywalker's fear. For Windu, having given himself completely over to Vaapad, oh ji eun dating services was able to draw on the torrents of dark side energy emanating from his furious opponent like a heat sink.

Saesee Tiin, despite his surprise, attempted to strike the Dark Lord from behind as Kolar fell, but was cut down as Sidious swung around to slash him across the torso.

Seeing this, Sidious immediately ceased feigning weakness and unleashed a withering barrage of Force lightning at the helpless Jedi Master, also gloating about his unlimited power. The Chancellor began begging for mercy, and claimed he was too weak to continue fighting. Sensing Sidious's incredible power, Windu realized that he had to give himself completely over to Vaapad, his personal Juyo varient, in order to survive. The Great Jedi Purge had begun.

Skywalker further pressed that killing Sidious in cold blood was not the Jedi way. Sidious congratulated him, telling Skywalker that he was fulfilling his destiny and that he would help him find the secrets to saving Amidala's life.

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Showdown on Coruscant

The Dark Lord then admitted in a round-about way that cheating death was a power only his Master had achieved, revealing he did not actually know the secret to stopping death. Now, the man was merely a necessary evil worth tolerating until the time was right to take his place.

Sidious and Windu then accused each other of being a traitor to Skywalker as he watched. But Windu raised his blade to deliver the killing blow, and Skywalker, reacting in a moment of despair, cut off the unsuspecting Windu's sword hand.

As their battle took them towards the center of the room, Anakin Skywalker's Jedi airspeeder touched down outside. While he hoped that he and Sidious could discover the secret of immortality together, Skywalker no longer saw his new master as a friend worth defending. The electrical current continued to ravage the Chancellor's body, and Skywalker's conflict reached its peak as he watched his friend suffer.

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