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Teasing the tip with the tip of her tongue. Pulls her skirt up to her waist, slips his hands under her knees, motioning to bring them up, she holds them there. He strokes her pussy, massaging, and spanks it gently, licking her tongue.

He's tall domineeringShe carries an air of

He knows it and she knows it. Just what she was begging him for. He wants to make sure that pussy is hot, and ready for his cock.

He strokes her

Alas, just what she's been aching for, her head tilts back and her eyes roll back in her head. And he answers her summons.

Just the way she wanted it. Breathing and throbbing together.

Solid and hard bodied, velvet milk chocolate skin, he could dominate her, put her in her place, make her the cock loving whore she's aching to become. He meets her eyes with a half sober gaze. She's has a tall, willowy frame, striking, mid-thirties, jet dark hair. He fantasizes how her pussy is going to hug his cock. He slides his middle finger in his mouth, licking her saliva clean from his finger and has to have more.

Teasing the tip with the tip

Just take all of it and fill me deep, is my only request. She's aching to feel his cock filled inside of her. She carries an air of self-imposed dignity, intimidating and fierce in her stare.

He's tall, domineering in stature and presence. Wiping her saliva all over his face, wearing it, covering his face with it.

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