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The series depicts spectacular missions full of drama and action along with personal stories of a group of firefighters who happen to have fascinating lives both at work and outside of it. He is operating in Moscow but the investigation reveals that his murders might be connected with the events that took place in the Soviet garrison in Legnica, Poland, forty years ago. It is a bitter-sweet story of Iga, a twice-divorced mother of two who, does not have much money, sufficient education or a good job. The situation is rather tense as the apartment sharing has not been a bed of roses. It is a story revealing the backstage of Secret Intelligence Agency operations.

In the final report, we pointed out specific areas for further change. An uncompromising reckoning with the lie, which aim was to forget Polish heroes. Interview We walked into white room, nothing on the walls, a desk with two seats on one side and two on the other.

However, Adam meets beautiful, mysterious woman and the meeting starts a chain of unpredicted events. Due to the vagaries of chance, a politician, a priest, a local contriver, a municipal police officer and a pizza place worker, all find themselves under one roof, sharing the same apartment. All members of the family are united by love and understanding. Another testimony concerning the use of bitumen is found in the beliefs of the Caucasians and their stories about the holy fire. The main characters are Kazimierz Proch and his partner Witold Kielak.

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Los Angeles and Warsaw, American mentality and Polish traditions. When they learn about some new apartments being built, they struggle to collect the down-payment, however they manage to do so and are ready to move to their new place.

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He provided the Allies with one of the earliest and most accurate accounts of the Holocaust. In one of the episodes we have a chance to watch the story of Thomas who waking up in bed with a lover, learns that he had killed a man. What joins the three books together is the main character Teodor Szacki who works as a prosecutor. They meet in Los Angeles where Joanna works during her holidays.

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After leaving the hospital, he does not want to spend time with his former friends, yet he tries to hide his relationship with Joanna. To their surprise, a hovel on a neighboring hill is renovated and is turned into a Buddhist relaxation and meditation centre. But finally he also lost Schodnica. In and the man reported to the British and the U. Which of us would now be able to live without, for instance, petrol or plastics?

He personified universal values in human life such as courage, bravery and responsibility for lives and safety of others. The series is based on the heritage of traditional soap operas, which is approached in a modern, dynamic way. In the following year, using steam-powered hammer drilling, he was able to draw high volumes of oil.

Joanna is a student of ethnography from Warsaw. Some of their actions are on the brink of law, yet they have to adjust to the methods mafia uses in order to catch the criminals. They are both looking for love and life stability, at the same time they are trying to find out what happened to a girl who had rented the apartment before them. It builds even more tension between the women.

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At that time about forty refineries and perhaps more than one hundred distilleries were in operation in the Subcarpathian region. Indeed, in the early s a number of extremely primitive small distilleries were in operation in Drohobych, and around H. Could this be a happy ending? Having taken out bank loans for this purpose, in Szczepanowski built the largest refinery in Galicia, in Pechenizhyn, and for some time the third largest in Europe.

She will have to face many choices and their consequences. In the series we are witnesses to their conflicts, arguments and mutual accusations, yet with time they get to know one another better and start to adapt to the new situation and even become friends. Users can create profiles, see updates from co-workers on their news feed, stream live video and participate in secure group chats. Arystotelesa, Herodota, Strabona, Dioskuridesa czy Tacyta.

This project got nominated for the e-Commerce Polska awards. Camille, receives her first ring from a guy she has been dating, yet no declarations follow and the woman is not sure where she is standing. We have a chance to watch passion and bravery of regular people who live among us, their ups and downs in daily lives and at work. Irmina and Joana, who, quite by chance, free no subscribing dating sites happen to be sharing a rented apartment together. The main protagonist is a homicide department officer in his forties.

Their lives in the state of constant stand-by requires many a sacrifice. She restores relations with her mother and looks for love and happiness. All of this is a terrible shock to the monks, who so far have been leading quiet and peaceful lives.

Contribution payments were suspended during World War I and were never resumed. Sloboda became the largest oil mine in Galicia. An experienced Russian policeman decides to go to Poland to find out who the killer is and what secret he is hiding. In the entrepreneur set up the first mining machinery factory in Sloboda Rungurska in the district of Kolomyia. This invention was an inflammable mixture of sulphur, coal, nitre, oil and other ingredients.