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So collaboration with more than one other person is not possible i. Shame to have to stick to Arial when something else will look better. Of course, to make it clear, what I'm after is a font that bears a resemblance to but is not a rip-off of Meta! It is also the name of the interpreter that executes Metafont code, generating the bitmap fonts that can be embedded into e.

Similar Free Fonts for FF Meta Bold Roman

Meta Bold Roman font

Check out the Calibri license, but it should be embeddable. The pk format was introduced to reduce file size as well as speed up typesetting, since it can be read faster. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Perhaps I should just stick to Arial and be done with it. The fonts are then stored for later reuse.

Similar Free Fonts for FF Meta Bold Roman

Open-source Unicode typefaces List of open source typefaces List of free software Unicode typefaces. Embed the complete font you finally choose and no-one needs to install anything. If I were you, i'd stay with the basics.

Generating vector outlines of pen strokes directly in Metafont is nontrivial, as the bitmapped strokes are generated by rasterization rather than actual outlines. Before you go hunting for this close to extinct species, the Lexus Roman only allows print and preview embedding. In addition, the Computer Modern typewriter and sans-serif fonts are defined using essentially the same Metafont file as the Roman font, but with different global parameters.

Curves in Metafont are defined as cubic splines rather than quadratic, for greater versatility at the cost of more complex arithmetic. Metafont was devised by Donald Knuth as a counterpart to his TeX typesetting system. My guess is finding the one that will fit with Meta style will be hard.

Most TeX distributions are configured so that any fonts not currently available at the required resolution are generated by calls to Metafont. You'll have to test it out for mac usage. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Sticking to Arial or verdana, or trebuchet might be a wise idea.

Knuth's idea that letters start with skeletal forms is flawed. Thus, by changing the value of one of these parameters at one location in the Metafont file, one can produce a consistent change throughout the entire font. Vinz, I though too that embedding fonts in Word documents wasn't possible, but I just checked and it actually seems to be possible. Metafont can also be run interactively, and has commands for displaying on the screen the images it produces.

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Keep also in mind that previous versions of Word might not handle font embedding! At least eveyone has that, even if it is dull. Free and open-source typography. Being similar to something is not evidence of copying. One of the characteristics of Metafont is that all of the shapes of the glyphs are defined with geometrical equations.

If only Meta had an embedding licence which allowed editing by more than one other person, microsoft strategy games I'd just go with that. Metafont is most commonly invoked without a direct request from the user.

Knuth has said that he uses Metafont as a kind of desk calculator for solving complicated equations, though he now uses MetaPost for mathematical illustrations. However, it is limited to allow editing by only a single outside party. However, MetaPost and Asymptote are preferred for mathematical illustrations. Thus, rather than describing the outline of the glyph directly, a Metafont file describes the pen paths. And here I'm talking about collaboration with an ill-defined group of outside people, so it's not as if purchasing additional licences is a realistic option.

Metafont can render any kind of graphical output, not just glyphs. Created by Han-Wen Nienhuys.

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Actually I've been in touch with them, and a licence can be obtained which allows embedding of fonts in a Word file. Articles with short description. Metafont is a description language used to define raster fonts.