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But if all that fighting isn't for you, feel free to play as a Line Sergeant, Drummer Boy, Standard Bearer or even musician. However, we believe that while most people do not know if something is period correct, subconsciously they would still notice that something is off. DerpyMcDerp It used to look worse. Flying Squirrel Entertainment Join the discussion of this blog here.

Bullet damage, range, inaccuracy and drop have been added to the game and are satisfyingly realistic. For an overview of our season and weather system, take a look here. First off we would like to apologise for the lack of recent updates.

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Battalion team has been working on the next big patch. This can reach the extent that, on sparse maps, the team with the most cavalry can almost guarantee victory.

We hope that we can come back to you with some gameplay very soon! We do not just randomly place stuff on the map. Many of the scene props we create have a gameplay element hidden behind them.

Ah, you meant the mod sucked last year? Perhaps the largest is that the most fun that can be had in this mod is during the large player line battles that the many clans known as Regiments host. For that reason we have created hundreds of props to fill buildings and the environment realistically. You will learn to fear the French Lancers This slight imbalance is understandable though when considering the team completely re-wrote the combat.

Subscription Invitation only. Clicking on any image in this blog will open a high-res version of it! For example, we have updated the game-engine to the latest version and spent a lot of time recoding our entire network-engine to make it multi-threaded. This slight imbalance is understandable though when considering the team completely re-wrote the combat.

You choose your regiment and then your rank. Considering the small size of the modding team this is quite impressive and perhaps goes some way to explain the mods soaring popularity. We also hope that you enjoyed the look at one of our first maps.

Hello and welcome back to our Developer Blog. Staying on the topic of sling carts, to fill up siege and camp scenes, we have created a bunch of historically accurate scene props. Here are two more screenshots of some of the cool train models we hope to integrate on some of our other maps. For example, the train below has the wrong mechanism for connecting wagons with another. Its just a mod for warband.

Developer Mount and Musket Battalion developers. Mount and Musket Battalion is a mod for Warband that tries to represent a historically accurate early s. Things certainly seem positive, if you own Mount and Blade Warband, cell phone app you owe it to yourself to at least try this mod. Mount and Musket - A Mod Review. Battalion Hello and welcome back to the Battle Cry of Freedom developer blog!

From MountMusket Battalion TeamMount And Musket Battalion. - Roblox

Here is a screenshot of an historically accurate fire engine and ladder-wagon. Sometimes this is quite difficult, as we often have no idea about the subject ourselves and have to literally start from scratch.

Download Mount & Musket Russia

Download Mount & Musket Russia

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Today due to an imminent release, we have an announcement to make about Napoleonic Wars! By the way, we have just created a new Discord Server!

Of course no game is perfect, let alone any mod, so it's time to look at some of the issues and there are quite a few. Instead we will be showing you a few screenshots of our Alphatest Map. All of this work is necessary to get the game running well, but it also means that a lot of time will be spent on features that we can not showcase in a blog.

No files were found matching the criteria specified. Hey there awesome community! Never mind about everything i just said. It has finally come to the point where we can show you what we have been working on the past year. You will learn to fear the French Lancers.

All these mistakes will be fixed eventually, but obviously small mistakes are not top priority on our to-do list. Butwe hope that we have shown you some of the more interesting scene props that you have not seen in previous blog before.

Mount And Musket Battalion. - Roblox

Well I guess there's nothing to lose then. DerpyMcDerp You can say that at about any game using the grapics settings of whoever took those screenshots.

Follow Report Join company Profile. Its already out if thats what your wondering.

Mount and Musket Battalion developers company - Indie DB

Mount and Musket Battalion developers company - Indie DB

Musicians, raising morale or making war unbearable, you decide. Just add Me, Hardcase and add Musickman on steam then message our Colonel and Youtube Celeb Musickman, and tell him that you want to join and that Hardcase sent you. These are as-accurate-as-possible recreations of Napoleonic battles and really have to be experienced to understand the full thrill.

See you on the Battlefield! As such we also try to place stuff together in a realistic manner.

Oh woops, I didn't look at the link. And as a pretty bad excuse for not being able to show you any new gameplay for such a long time, here are a few more screenshots of some of the cool scene props we have been working on recently. Could you find people for a match though? Warband usually has people online.