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Padme and anakin age gap dating, whats the age gap between Anakin and Padme

She simply said she couldn't become Anakin's empress, because she disliked dictatorship. And yes, I will again admit that Anakin has flaws. Anakin, I think, is emotionally stunted. If you are wondering how in the world anyone could forgive you Anakin, the simple answer is love.

Anakin force chokes her, even though he is portrayed to be in love with her. And Anakin falls in love with her almost instantaneously.

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Also, Anakin is not selfish. If you have a fantastic sex life, but later find this person does not meet your intellectual standards you will soon miss that. My brother whines a lot more than Anakin, and I don't hate him for it.

And yes, he whines, but so did Luke. They often seek out older people who they can relate too. Everyone has strengths, even Palpatine. She's taken his already disturbed mommy issues and twisted them around her finger, warped them beyond belief, and so he's taken up a typical sorrowful teenager approach.

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Like I said, Anakin is never good enough for people. The only thing a person has to watch out for is they are not looking for a parent figure. And I think I'm not, because I see both his flaws and strengths.

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Just because he isn't interested in what Padme does in the senate it doesn't mate him selfish. Still, Padme isn't the only one who he told. Padme's not like that, thank God. So go on, keep on hating Anakin and Padme all you want, but I'd rather love characters rather than waste time holding grudges against them. Waitisn't Padme a Senator, yoon eun hye kang ji hwan they dating websites and therefore an authority?

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And love is about caring for people, and accepting the good, bad, and ugly parts of them. He told Chancellor Palpatine, who is an authority. He's lashing out because she deserves it.

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