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This time, they decided they had to speak with the pastor about their concern. At the meeting, disillusioned with online dating they told the pastor of their concern.

And then, when it's all set and prepared, he creates and puts man there. They are to do what he says!

So, keep the Sermon on the Mount close to your heart. But, preaching it again this past Sunday has us very concerned. What really gets my attention in this passage is that these are spectacular ministries. They made an appointment for early in the week.

More than that, much more than that, it calls upon its hearers to live it. That is true for individuals, and it is also true for churches. Once again, the members of the committee met in an emergency session. They are building on shifting sand.

They are to practice what he preaches! Essentially, Jesus says it is stupid not to do so. With the conclusion of his sermon, Jesus intentionally puts that question before his audience. Life is found only in Jesus.

Following the congregational meeting, in which the pastor was overwhelmingly approved to be their next pastor, the committee had an emergency meeting. The process continued and, eventually, this pastor was their choice. And there are those, Jesus says, who will hear his word, but for some reason choose not to practice it. And, most important of all, just do it!

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Well, maybe not, but that does remind me of a story. But it is the only way to life at its fullest, to life with meaning and purpose. One of the chapters has been reprinted several times as an independent short book called What's the Difference?

As we saw last week, the Sermon on the Mount is a way of life that is a narrow way. He goes on to separate those who hear his words and put them into practice from those who hear his words but fail to put them into practice. They were impressed with his sermon and reported back to the committee.

True discipleship involves more than hearing the Word. Piper also believes that all Christians, Jew or Gentile, will inherit the earth, including the land of Israel, when Christ sets up the Millennial Kingdom in the Second Coming.

In this concluding section of his sermon, Jesus further distinguishes what true discipleship looks like from false practices. Live according to the words of the Sermon on the Mount and you will live the Christian life. It teaches the sum of the Christian life. Picking just any philosophy that sounds good is not the way to life.

Must You Hear the Gospel to be Saved? Meditate and reflect on what Jesus teaches in the Sermon on the Mount.

The question is not, how well do you know the Word of God? How do you apply its principles to your life? Those who hear my words and put them into practice are like a wise man who builds on solid rock. Note in the illustration Jesus uses, the same storms come against both houses.

The house built on sand does not. Then, finally, what Jesus teaches in the concluding section of his sermon is that the way to life is, simply, through Jesus. Then Jesus teaches that the way to live life is to do what Jesus says.

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The question is, what do you do with it? Return to its words again and again. He also says that the Bible teaches that men are to bear the primary responsibility to lead the church and that therefore only men should be elders.

And then you go day by day and he's preparing the land. They cast out demons in others, but submitted to the demons of impurity and infidelity in their own lives. They are words to live by, words to put into practice. His warning is for his listeners to do more than hear his words.

But it is a way through the storms. An essential question to all studies of Scripture is, What are you going to do about it? And it certainly ought to get the attention of the spectacular ministers. The house built on the words of Jesus endures the storm.

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True discipleship is not some spiritual guarantee that no storms will come, not a way to avoid storms in our lives. Any other kind of life, while it may look promising, or okay at various moments, is only a storm or two away from collapsing. It involves doing the Word as well. As we said last week, to some in our postmodern society that seems like a narrow way.

The complete text of most of Piper's books can be accessed free of charge at Desiring God. However, as we will clearly see today, it is not the conclusion of the matter.

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