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But shadows, he reminds us, are less dim copies than likenesses, others who are also selves. They are asserting their presence over ever wider horizons, encouraging citizens to deal with their problems by legal means. It is estimated to be second only to oil and narcotics in generating foreign currency. The colonists, the capitalists and wordy bright scholars make a killing.


Times, though, have changed. Did the Capital just happen to have the power to punish men?

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Often it is imposed as a condition of financial aid, foreign investment, and moral salvation by an unadornedly coercive Western consensus led by the United States see, e. Or just different aspects of one phenomenon? For their part, states find themselves having to defend against public actions in unprecedented numbers, for unprecedented sorts of things, against unprecedented kinds of plaintiff. Everyone, it is said, claims the maximum number, whether they have them or not. Situated at the intersection of the public and the private, uke y seme yahoo dating nongovernmental organizations of this sort are now commonly regarded as the civilizing missions of the twenty-first century.

Again we glimpse the entanglements that tie postcolonial graft to the metropolitan scramble for tropical spoils. Here again, postcolonial workforces find employment where formal opportunities are few.

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The event itself consisted of a number of thematic sessions, at which papers were presented and subjected to the detailed attention of discussants. But in South Asia, Africa, and Latin America, these practices are often disarmingly explicit and unpoliced. Comaroff and Jean Comaroff uct of the moment as is new-wave criminality. More disturbing still are allegations that the line between the political and the criminal is fast eroding. It has long been argued that social disorder, expressed in elevated rates of criminality, is in the nature of transition itself, that it inevitably follows epochal changes in the order of things.

To be sure, modern history has seen some very bloody transitions to populist rule. One dates back to the second half of the eighteenth century, to a time when political authority, social order, citizenship, and economy were also urgently in question see, e. And every bureaucrat, it appears, is aware that they do so.

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Yes, postcolonies are especially, excessively, distinctively violent and disorderly. With hindsight, it seems even more crucial. Or, pace the commonplace with which we began, does electoral democracy, itself long an object of critique outside the West see, e.

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The electronic revolution has abetted this by democratizing the means of mechanical reproduction. It is tempting to see in all this a neocolonial map of unequal interdependence between northern profit, probity, and security and southern poverty, plunder, and risk. This geography is not so simple, however. Which, in turn, has added both quantitatively and substantively to the judicialization of politics and to its conduct as a practice of law and order. Nor only the modernist nation-state.

Many women find that regular absorbency tampons are good for most of the days of their periods. By these means is colonialism, tout court, rendered criminal. What is the evidence that it is as ubiquitous as we have asserted?

And with its embarrassments, its nightmares, its torments. Why does the law appear to be so widely fetishized in them?

Class struggles seem to have metamorphosed into class actions J. Togo, governed by an extended family firm, military strong-arm, and a strangely refracted conception of the Spirit of Law, continues to cloth itself in constitutionality. Are they sinking ever more deeply into maelstroms of disorder?

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Hence the dialectic of law and disorder that runs through the essays below. Because they are highly polarized societies, however, they exemplify postcolonial landscapes in which domains of prosperity and order feed off, and perpetuate, zones of scarcity and violence.

Kickbacks have become a sine qua non of office in many places, countries with sustained cultures of corruption heading the list. MonoPolice manipulate majoraties to run with them So whats the police force but a resource to reinforce the plans of the dominant? Comaroff and Jean Comaroff The labyrinthine entanglements of these worlds of light and shade come through clearly in a recent survey conducted by Gallup International. To the degree that they have empirical valence, are they something new or merely a continuation of things past?

The genuine fake gives South African or East Asian teenagers access to things they could not otherwise have, filling the gap between globally tweaked desires and local scarcities. Decentered estrangement is, finally, the objective of this book. The violent fallout of its enterprise, and its mythic imperviousness to policing, have provoked spates of local vigilantism. In the circumstances, they could easily have staged a putsch.