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Reportviewer parameters disabled dating, report parameters in local mode

In local mode the host application must handle parameter prompting, as seen in the example below. We know the code is called because we put some debugging output to make sure. Note that this textbox, checkbox, the url dropdown and the load button are all implemented by the host application. Report parameters can be used for other purposes too.

After further investigation, we isolated the problem further. Object, ByVal e As System.

Any ideas what could be wrong? Using report parameters in local mode What are report parameters used for? When a master-detail report is implemented using subreports, the main report passes the id of the master item to the subreport as a report parameter. When operating in local processing mode, ReportViewer does not prompt for parameter values.

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Using report parameters in local mode

Some properties are intended for programmatic use only. In the example below a report parameter is used to control the visiblity of a textbox. Press Add to add a parameter.

So the ReportViewer control does not have the opportunity to set query parameters. The report has many parameters and we're using the parameter prompts that the ReportViewer control offers. Parameter Prompting When operating in remote mode ReportViewer automatically prompts the user for parameter values unless told not to do so. But unlike the Report Server, best podcast dating the ReportViewer control does not execute queries itself.

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Report parameters in local mode

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The ability to turn descriptions on or off, and the ability to filter news items are implemented using report parameters. Everything works fine in our development environment. It's just the code that should cause certain parameters to show up again doesn't work.

Rather, queries are executed by the host application, and the result is passed to the ReportViewer control. The code to hide parameters is working fine.

The most common use of report parameters is to specify a criterion for subsetting data. Depending on a certain parameter of the report, we only need to have the user prompted for a subset of the rest of the report parameters. The value of the parameter may be set programmatically by the host application, or one report may pass a parameter to another report. Value where Foo is the name of the parameter.

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The most common use of report parameters is to pass to queries as values of query parameters. The value of a parameter can be used in expressions as Parameters! Not only does it not show up the parameter prompts, but the Visible property of the parameter does not get set to true checked by using ReportViewer. We also tried this on another server on the network in the production environment, and we have the same issue.