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One day, Alex's police car breaks down in a lost corner. Murugan, who is just passing by, helps Alex to repair his car. So Alex gives his visiting card if he will need help in a near future. When Alex pays Murugan for his work, Murugan refuses to take the money because he respects the police department who works hard for the people and the nation.

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In the meantime, Alex's family is killed by the Jupiter's henchmen. Alex is happily married to a lovely wife Ahana Ahana and lived with his baby girl and mother.

Murugan finally tracks the gang members down and kills them all except the gang leader Uday Uday Prakash who managed to escape. His cousin Shenbagam is in love with him but Murugan doesn't want to get married until his sister will finish her studies and will get married.

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Personal Details of Actor Arun Pandian

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Uday's friend then kills his lover and Murugan kills him in return. Meanwhile, Murugan Napoleon is a poor car mechanic living with his mother and beloved sister Meenakshi. Alex decides to sneak into Jupiter's warehouse alone.

Murugan decides to assist Sivan for this mission and Sivan finally executes Jupiter. When Sivagami talks to him, Sivan recognizes her but there's not one trace of emotions in him. They exhume Alex's body, replace most of his body with cybernetics, sagittarius dating virgo leaving his human brain and he becomes Sivan.

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