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TimePitch is another program for creating and sharing music. Leisurely slow tempo piano notes make the thought carry away, reminiscing about past events.

It allows you to change the speed of sound files on your device in real time without changing the pitch, or change the pitch without changing the speed. Slowing down music is one of the many useful features of the program. Its capabilities allow you to compose music, remix the songs and just change the music files. It is easy to start using the app. It is similar in many respects to the previous ones and also allows you to edit audio files.

Audipo is an application for changing the real-time playback speed of an audio file. Like other similar programs, Music Practice has various functions for editing audio files. It is a beautiful background track to the close of a drama, documentary or a romantic film. Light and at the same time sad piano composition. The track contains maxim of positive emotions and feeling of delight.

This background track can set you way back in time almost from the first seconds. Very calm and quiet beginning develops into a crescendo to the end. Maybe you need a slowed-down version of the music for some event. In any case, you need to use the program to slow down the music. Also, the track may be appropriate as a piece of background music for a documentary about religious events.

Several more intensive and slower sections are available during this song. The most interesting track of the collection. Slowly rolling piano rhythm creates a sense of quiet and calm sea waves. The live record is full of humanity and sensitivity for maximum impact to the listeners.

The dynamic and soft melody of this song is easy to listen, optimistic and playful. Calming, sad and nostalgic. Riff Studio app is a professional studio for the production of music. Ends with a gradual fading of emotion. SpeedPitch is an excellent professional music editing software.

Voice Pitch and Tempo Changer is a program for changing music. Another feature is the ability to reverse the audio playback in the opposite direction.

The first part of the composition is a piano solo, which in the middle is complemented by violoncello and violins. The track is very positive. The first part is the most romantic, while the second half contains some of the tragic notes.

Media types

During the selection of the final variant, I opted for the chamber version, where I also have violins and a cello. Slow down the song is also not a problem for Music Practice.

Easy to use

Elegant, light and rising track, has the simple touching and light melody of the piano, with a feeling of pensive restraint. Music Speed Changer by Hipxel.

The main advantages of the program are a simple interface and a large number of possibilities for converting music. The base of the track is a short rhythmic phrase repeated piano.

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Perhaps you want to add a slowed-down song into the video, and you need it to fill the whole video. Free for download and royalty free slow piano background music for production purposes, billy talent fallen leaves PowerPoint presentation and personal use. This sad and tragic royalty free background music track could be used as an accompaniment to an art house film or a slow dance. Instrumental sad background music collection. One of the functions of the program is to change the tempo of the music.

You will gain the copyright in it. Royalty Free for production purposes and personal use. The majestic and mysterious sounds of violins allow using this track as an accompaniment to the saga about vampires or valiant knights of the Middle Ages. Slow piano composition with a dynamic introductory part.

Riff Studio Riff Studio app is a professional studio for the production of music. But even a beginner can easily change ready music. The need to slow down the song can arise in different situations. They are all available for free. The sequenced piano phrase, which is the basis of the rhythmic of the track creates the perfect backdrop for a meditative state of consciousness.

9 Free apps to slow down music (Android & iOS)

In other side, fragments, having a different tempo, can be used individually. Suitable for both video of neutral type, and dramatic films. The downtempo composition is airy and lite and can increase sentimental and playful mood. The interface of the app is clear and user-friendly.

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