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Tartikoff suggested Sandy Duncan as a replacement to Miller and Boyett, who both sided with the network chief in this possible casting decision. Seasons three through six switched to the traditional Cooper Black font, now set in yellow and used in all credits. Taking Harper's place in the household was Sandy Duncan as Michael's sister, Sandy, who had moved in with her brother to help the family in their time of loss.

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The main plot begins with David and Burt shooting a video project for one of their college classes, at the local hospital in Oak Park. As a result, the cast shot scenes around Harper for the next few episodes.

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During the Valerie seasons, the title sequence becomes slow motion at the scene where Mike and the boys begin to tackle Valerie in their football game. During the second season of Valerie, the font used in the title sequence and first and final scenes was a gold, condensed version of Cooper Black font. During Duncan's tenure with the show, no mention was ever made of Mike and Sandy's other sister, Caroline, who was played in the Valerie pilot by Francine Tacker.

In the wake of his wife's death, Michael was now home more often. Fox, a holdover from Miller and Boyett's Paramount years, was the principal score composer for the first two seasons, with Bruce Miller taking over from seasons three through six. Poole moved up to being a regular character, and her husband, Peter, was played by Willard Scott on an infrequent basis.

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This deleted the scene where Sandy runs out to the baseball diamond to try and get the bases unloaded. In that episode, a lamp stored in the attic develops a short circuit, sparking a fire that badly damages the house. After the couple failed to be on the set for three consecutive episodes, Lorimar decided they had enough, and fired Harper. Also, the theme was shortened in the opening credits when the show was in syndication. Also that fall, the twins lose their job at Bossy Burger after Willie pressures Mark to skip work with him in order to see a concert Sandy and Mrs.

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The timeline of the third season began six months after Valerie's character's death in a auto accident. Valerie worked as the buyer for an auction house and was matched in wit and charm by her best friend, dar es salaam dating online Barbara Goodwin Christine Ebersole.

However, shortly after the episode was completed, news had come that Harper and Cacciotti were holding out again. The New York Times Company. As a sponsor that evening, McDonald's commercials aired promoting fire safety. Sandy's ex-husband Richard made a few guest appearances, as played by Steve Vinovich. Rich is happy to see them, but his expressions also indicate nervousness and a rush to avoid his friends.

Rich Correll served as co-producer for the first two seasons and later became consulting producer. During the same season, Cara and Brenda become full-time regulars, as Mark and Willie respectively become steady with them.

Harper and Cacciotti felt Tartikoff was trying to spite them with this attempt of a threat and criticized his notion that marquee stars of a television series were dispensable. While the rest of the family returned to Oak Park, Rich stayed abroad to explore more of Europe, and was no longer with the cast. Second season closing credits were in a Windsor font also seen on All in the Family and Who's the Boss? The producers admittedly wanted to capitalize on the heartthrob status Bateman had been receiving for the last few years, via his roles on Silver Spoons and It's Your Move. The episode was later released to home video, especially for teachers and health educators to use as a tool to promote safe sex.

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This was partially to avoid further legal actions involved in continuing to use the original star's name, and also to move on from the public attention being drawn to her dismissal. David found the photo in his room while the fire damage was being inspected, and immediately broke down in tears. David touches upon his experiences with Rich, dispels common myths associated with the disease and how to prevent it, and breaks the news of Rich's passing, which had occurred the night before.

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