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The results are interesting. The basic profile includes space for a headline, about me, about my match, hobbies and interests, and even a first date idea, which is unique and interesting. Both sex and marijuana have the ability to flood our brains with euphoric feelings. If you think this seems like a lot, think again.

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When it comes to dating and marijuana, it appears that Canadians are very open-minded. Email Getty Images Canadian singles are taking dating to new heights this summer.

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They smoke weed, consume cannabis and have made it a national pot smoking day. In regards to marijuana, dating and sex, the survey found that women in general are more weed-friendly than their male counterparts. Plus, because I live in a medical and now recreational state and an area that hosts a lot of events, stupid dating site questions I tend to have better luck meeting cannabis-friendly people in person.

Overall Experience Honestly, I was a bit underwhelmed by my cannabis dating app experience. Ashley Manta is a CannaSexual coach someone who combines sex and cannabis and educator. The profile features on this one were the best of the three. Even if its true origin will never be revealed, has already been a big part of the marijuana culture and its use has spread among entire generations.

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