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He even bought a new typewriter for for ease of writing. In the opening sequence of the plot of the novel, Clayton Westmoreland is introduced as the Duke of Claymore. The readers found it to be rich with laughter and tears. She stared at him, hardly able to believe what she saw and felt. Cocking a dark eyebrow, he nodded meaningfully at his lap.

This one was always my favorite. McNaught went on to marry for the third time to an engineer and professional golfer named Don Smith.

Whenever she had apologized to her father, he had listened and then launched into a fresh tirade about her misbehavior, age of war game and Whitney had expected about the same from Clayton. Whitney thought frantically.

But, before trying her hand at writing novels, she began working as an assistant director in the crew of a film. The sixth time her body jerked and a strangled cry wrenched from her. That book pretty much sealed my fate. Following his stare, Whitney realized she still held the crop, it slid from her numbed fingers. She steeled herself to endure the rest of his verbal assault.

But I haven't found a spanking scene since I went back and looked. His eyes raked over her, riveting on a spot just below her right hand. It was during her stint as the assistant director for a film by the General Motors Division that she met with her second husband, Michael McNaught. Drowning in an ocean of mortification, Whitney lowered herself into the humiliating position.

Rather than give her tormentor the satisfaction of seeing her quaking fear, Whitney reverted to an old girlhood habit of putting her chin up and assuming an appearance of remote indifference. He was also very supportive of her during her initial years as a writer when her novels were getting rejected by many publishers.

Because of its inclusion, thousands of women who had read the book volunteered to become tutors and help people learn to read. In the early s, Coors Brewing asked her to write a book that would appeal to women and could be used by the company to promote its women's literacy program. She was the reader in the house and did her best to foster that same habit into me and my brother. He sat down with his back against the tree and drew one leg up at the knee, resting his arm across it.

Also, Whitney Stone is described by the author as a ravishingly beautiful and sensual woman, after growing up from a saucy hoyden. She says that she fell in love with Dallas during a book tour and hence, decided to move in. But, Whitney does not wish to relinquish his dream of a perfect love at any cost.

There is a web site that tries to list all main stream books with any spanking scenes in them. Hence, again why I liked your other story so much.

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McNaught always tried to help people to learn to read and write. You enjoyed it tremendously.

Never read the book but heard so much about that scene. The feeling stunned her, then surged through her, sweeping everything away in its path. His gray eyes were full of warmth, and he was smiling at her with gentle understanding. Her ribs heaved and scalding tears raced down her cheeks, soaking through the front of his shirt as she wept, more from impotent fury than from pain.

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After knowing that she has an interest in writing novels, Michael began encouraging her to write. Few mainstream romance novels describe spanking scenes with any detail at all, certainly not enough to satisfy those who have that interest. Appalled at the discovery that one in five women was functionally illiterate, McNaught offered to rewrite her almost-completed manuscript, Perfect to insert the literacy theme. Riding, using the crop, and apologizing. She did not deign to reply.

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She was so much overwhelmed at the breakup of her third marriage that she threw a huge party, inviting around of her friends to celebrate the beginning of a new phase in her life. Yea, and the ones I think are better aren't mentioned! How could she answer these questions? At the beginning of McNaught's writing career, she was one of a very few authors writing for the historical romance market.

After a some years into her marriage, Mcnaught got divorced. She is particularly known for writing down the highly successful Westmoreland Saga series. She bent down and picked up the crop with shaking fingers. She flicked a glance at Khan, longing to flee.

After that, Jennifer finds herself in a bewildering web of a dangerous trap of seduction, passion, loyalty, pride, and an overwhelming love. Judith McNaught has spanking in a lot of her novels, an I definitely enjoy them all Kingdom of Dreams is a nice one, too. Judith McNaught is a New York Times Bestselling author from America who is famous for writing a number of popular novels based on the romance and historical fiction genres.

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Let us know - we're continually adding new authors and characters daily. His arm came up another time, the crop landed mercilessly across her buttocks.

After that, McNaught also worked as an assistant controller at a major truck company and also became the presidents of an employment agency and an executive firm. Your email address will not be published. It only really stuck with me. The second novel of the series was published in the year by the Pocket Books publishing house.

McNaught was the director of public relations for the company. McNaught described the break-up as peaceful and friendly, and she threw a party for friends to celebrate entering a new phase of her life.