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Eric Clapton, who pursued her passionately, wrote about her refusal to leave George for him in his hit song Layla. However, a few years later, their marriage began to disintegrate, due to alcohol and drug overuse as well as numerous affairs. Personal Quotes I was a very shy person and, I suppose, easily manipulated. Despite a successful modeling career, she never appreciated her own beauty. Clapton grew infatuated with her.

The groom looked smart in a coordinating suit, with a silver tie and a white rose in his button hole. They even spent Christmas together on the very year Boyd left Harrison. It was the most staggeringly romantic garden. During this period, Harrison became a close friend of Eric Clapton, writing music and performing with him.

He would spend hours alone chanting and meditating. Meeting his good friend Eric Clapton. When we started filming, I could feel George looking at me and I was a bit embarrassed. In another shoot for the latter magazine, Boyd and her sisters were photographed by Patrick Lichfield. And singing my praises, and saying that, you know, this person really loved me.

He's found something stronger than the Beatles, though he still wants them to share it. Lennon used a shotgun shell as his slide when he played the lap steel guitar on this song. Wood and Boyd enjoyed a holiday in the Bahamas.

But, as it turned out, his drug of choice turned out to be alcohol. He told her he wanted to play some music for her, so she went to his home.

Fans will be hoping it is third time lucky for Pattie. Pattie Boyd was the center of rock and roll's most epic love triangle. Pattie was immediately attracted to him, and she explains that he was incredibly good-looking but rather shy. Pattie Boyd, Harrison, republicanism definition yahoo dating and Clapton were all in attendance.

Pattie Boyd was a blonde, doe-eyed girl from South West England. Boyd went home to Harrison, at least on that day. Harrison was also swept off his feet by the gorgeous Boyd, but there was an obstacle in the way. In a letter from New York, Clapton wrote to Boyd saying he was working on an album Journeyman with Harrison and had written a song about her. In her book, Boyd recalled one incident in which she spent hours deciding on which dress to wear for a night out, while Clapton waited in the other room, playing his guitar all the while.

Boyd could tell early on that Clapton was interested in her. After the Beatles broke up, Boyd said he became distant and distracted. Harrison asked who she was going home with. Her modeling career took her to New York and Paris. It wasn't long before Harrison proposed.

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Instead, she stayed with Harrison for another three years. How does one choose between George Harrison, the unforgettable Beatle, and Eric Clapton, the fierce guitar legend? Which could almost, in a weird swinging-sixties-rock-and-roll kind of way, be considered a happy ending. He wasn't taking heroin, which I thought was the main addiction for him. This look defined Western fashion for women as a result of the international popularity of the Beatles and other British Invasion musical acts from onwards.

Perhaps Eric Clapton just wanted what George Harrison had. Soon, they were spending a lot of time together.

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It was about forbidden love. But she opted for a quiet and intimate wedding ceremony as she tied the knot with her third husband Rod Weston in London on Thursday. Weston, as far as anyone knows, is neither a songwriter nor an instrumentalist. Anybody who was sweet and nice to me was no challenge.

Boyd was shocked but at the same time flattered. As Boyd recounts, Clapton invited her over to the London apartment he shared with his Derek and the Dominos bandmates. There was a party that same evening. Clapton secretly met with Boyd one afternoon in a South Kensington flat and played the song for her off of his tape machine. Her client asked her if she was interested in modeling.

This is when Clapton fell in love with Boyd. But he persisted, she eventually gave in, and they started dating. She had a single, one-word line. She found work at a beauty salon, but was quickly inspired to pursue modeling.

She also said that her lack of professional status probably made for a more intimate and authentic mood in her work, since her subjects were relaxed in her company. You'd look for the part of the person you know and love, but it was hard to find. Thus began the ultimate rock and roll love triangle. George Harrison, Eric Clapton and Me.

The song he played was about a man completely captivated by a woman, begging her to be his. What ultimately made Boyd leave him was the discovery of an affair that Harrison was having. Her favorite version was George's, when he played it for her in their kitchen. She had attracted the attentions of another man, Harrison's close friend Eric Clapton. The next time he saw Boyd, he held up a vial of heroin, vowing to take it if she didn't run off with him.

Pattie Boyd married for the third time

She worked her way to the front cover of Vogue magazine. It turned out Harrison wasn't the only one who thought Boyd was something else.

Pattie Boyd marries for the third time

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My self-esteem was unbelievably low, and I found it really hard to build up relationships because I had been used to difficult people. It makes me more sad, I think, because I can't answer back.

But the string of hits that Boyd inspired are still some of the most iconic songs in music history. Harrison and Boyd married two years later, but the beloved Beatle wasn't the only iconic rock star who was vying for Boyd's attention, and putting pen to paper to craft songs about her. Their happier times inspired another song that Clapton wrote as Boyd dressed for an evening out.

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