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They are very helpful and offer great ideas. Staying a few more days afterwards, too.


We are assuming you are coming for the main event, during the peak of our high season. They include many familiar names, and tickets are priced lower. To experience Carnaval in all its glory there is a checklist of must-dos to follow. In addition to all the street fun and the Samba Parade, the party circuit is amazing.

After a couple of scary medical incidents, I realized I had to have my Filofax with me at all times with our medical information in it. Asking simple questions can lead to increased fees, and improved customer satisfaction. Use it to keep track of contacts, tasks, appointments, to-do lists, birthdays, and more including keeping notes, diaries, and password. You will only need to do this once. You can delete the conditional formatting if you want and add your own formatting to highlight specific dates in the calendar.

The generated template is more versatile than a paper calendar because all fields are customizable and it is easily emailed. Thank you for taking the time to do all you do. Some of them even reinforce something I am already doing in my shop. Enter the starting year and month at the top of the calendar. You can insert various shapes, images, flow-diagrams, and clip-arts to your document.

Yearly Calendar Template for and Beyond

Much of the world uses a calendar that starts on Monday rather than Sunday. Begin to use Efficient Calendar now to help you manage time, save time and finally control time! Banda de Ipanema Photo Album.

Then in June as I was struggling to settle into my new house and new life, I struggled with what planner to use. Carnaval Samba Parade Photo Album.


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Moon Phase Calendar Template. Carnaval Monday is your second chance to watch the Samba Parade. And now I just found your blog post!

2 Year Pocket Calendar

Plug into another and paste. As I tend to do in these situations, I went for the comfort factor of my Filofax. Whether you are a busy professional with meetings to keep track of during your day or a college student with a busy class and club schedule to manage, A-Z Planner is a great companion. If you want to go somewhere with your business, you need a destination.

Our free yearly calendar templates for Excel are extremely easy to use, customize, and print. YearPlanner manages, organizes, and presents calendar based events-data for individuals, groups, scanning editing software and organizations. Yearly Calendar with Week Numbers This version includes week numbers.

Yearly 2011 Printable Calendar

In the evening Carnaval balls and off-Carnaval parties complete the package. Street festivities start early in Leme, Centro and Flamengo.

You may not be the best at being organized. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Create a fiscal year calendar for any year and start date.

Self-Made planner in Moleskine notebook. Efficient Calendar is a cross-platform and easy-to-use scheduler, planner and reminder. Our guide is based on more than two decades of experience with inbound tourism, and a lifetime as a Carnaval enthusiast!

It has a range of features for automation of this process. Some tour operators offer benefits like round-trip transportation, or access to catered boxes. These templates are the landscape versions of the ones above. It includes tools for the creation of tables, word arts, charts, etc. Thank you so much for your generosity to share it!

Their parades in Centro have already attracted as many as k revelers, and now they are at scenic Aterro do Flamengo! To get it planned out on paper. The Notes area to the side of this template allows you to make a list of specific events. This perpetual yearly calendar lets you enter the year and starting month as well as select any day of the week as the first day. They are easy to edit and do not use macros.

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