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Federal lands and facilities are excluded from the coastal zone and consistency review in accordance with federal legislation. Please check your procedures to make sure this does not cause any problems.

Boundaries - ZIP Codes

You may not resell the shapefiles. Shapefile Description These shapefiles are derived from U. Meuser, All Rights Reserved.

Copyright and Use of Shapefiles The shapefiles on this page are copyrighted as follows. This downloadable data is the approximate area in these sections of the City where new development are required to comply to the rules and regulations of Lower Density Growth Management Area. License Creative Commons Attribution. One thing to keep in mind is the fact that Zip Codes are not polygons, and therefore do not have boundaries.

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Seriously, how hard would it be to publish them in true digital form? Hurricane Evacuation Zones are determined by New York City Emergency Management and represent varying threat levels of coastal flooding resulting from storm surge. These locations have remained generally consistent. These features are not intended for determining zoning at the individual tax lot level.

The Department of City Planning is committed to making its public data freely available to developers and to all members of the public. The Table lists the Node Id and the Street names of segments that intersect at the node.

Maponics is now part of Pitney Bowes and the zip code product is available at Zip-Codes. Embed Embed this gist in your website. The second shapefile includes information about other publicly accessible waterfront areas of which most are privately-owned.


The Publicly Accessible Waterfront data contains information about waterfront areas accessible to the public that are either publicly owned or on private property. You may not create copies of the shapefiles for the use of others whether for personal or commercial use.

All files are provided as a free download. The data is updated quarterly. The two shapefiles were used to create the City Waterfront Interactive Maps. Shapefiles themselves are a collection of points, lines or polygons.

Questions regarding this data can be directed to Kyle Daniels at kdaniels dcas. This dataset encompasses recent changes to mapped zoning districts or zoning text amendments as they are adopted by the City Council as well as filed City Map changes. Any luck finding anything Oscarsgc?

Atomic Polygon numbers are unique within Census tracts. Transit Zones Transit Zone boundaries are mapped to encompass neighborhoods that are dense, proximate to public transportation options, and where car ownership rates are lowest. See the Census Bureau website for a brief explanation.

Boundaries - ZIP Codes

To read more about the individual data components click on the Download button. Some streets may have multiple street names, valid for the full length or a portion of the street. Users are strongly encouraged to read the database documentation, particularly with regard to analytical limitations. Some Zip code polygons jump across boundaries while others are not attached to one another.

Each Zip Code shapefile includes free U. The Alternate Names Table altnames is built using all the street names that correspond to the street code and lgc values. Also, program adobe photoshop cs5 the paper Zip Codes are Not Polygons gives a good overview of the situation.

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Zip Code Why pay hundreds of dollars for Zip Code shapefiles? The datasets are updated biennially. These features only indicate areas where certain cafes types should or should not be allowed according to zoning regulations. In addition to the data, the download includes several layer files for viewing the data.

Federal, State parks, large bodies of water are not covered. Embed What would you like to do? The Department of City Planning no longer collects Manhattan bike counts. There are demographic fields included. We do promise that using the map layer will be fun, entertaining or educational - possibly even frustrating.

Other Access The information on this page the dataset metadata is also available in these formats. These features are provided for reference only and are not intended for determining whether new development must comply to rules and regulations at the tax lot level. Updates will include recent zoning changes adopted by the City Council. Please understand that you download and use these map layers and data at your own risk.

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Boundaries - ZIP Codes

RussRezek and roesler-stan I just spent several hours doing this, because I couldn't find any current open data online. These features are provided for reference only and are not intended for determining the Coastal Boundary at the tax lot level. The data illustrate the scale of potential flooding, not the exact location, and do not account for erosion, rapid subsidence, or future construction.

Search below and you may find just what you are looking for. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Hi folks, i'm trying to find sources for usa zip codes in shapefile format. Can you update it if you know where the data is now? The bike counts data can offer insights into the overall trends in user demographics and travel patterns over time.

Beyond this, we make no guarantee as to its suitability for any purpose. Does anyone have some input? We have included free national level base maps with each map archive listed below. They may sell the shapefile.